The History of Klein Tools

Learn more about how Klein Tools was founded back in 1857...

History of klein tools
To this day, Klein Tools is proudly owned and managed by the Klein family
F4P - 13 July 2018:
In 1857, Mathias Klein emigrated to the USA from Germany and began in the hand tool business when a broken side-cutting pliers was brought to his forge shop by a telegraph lineman. Mathias repaired the pliers by forging and finishing a new half for the tool and riveting it to the old half. The lineman went on his way only to return shortly after as the other original half of the tool had now broken. Mathias forged and finished the second half of the pliers and riveted it to the other replacement half, producing the first complete Klein pliers.

To this day, Klein Tools is proudly owned and managed by the Klein family. Klein isn’t just the name of a company; it’s also a byword for quality and most of all, it’s a family name which is why they have to be proud of everything that they make.

Klein Tools are available in the UK but will continue to be American-manufactured, a tradition upheld by the Klein family for over 150 years. Keeping the manufacturing as close to home as possible allows them to ensure only the highest quality materials and superior workmanship is put into every tool they produce.

Find out more about Klein Tools and their American manufacturing process by watching the video in the link below.

Klein Tools: Made in the USA Video