Klein Tools Product Recall Notice: NCVT-1 Non Contact Voltage Tester

Klein Tools have recently issued a product recall which affects a batch of NCVT-1

Product recall 800x600
F4P - 14 September 2021:
Despite rigorous quality control Klein Tools has identified a potential safety issue, which affects a batch of NCVT-1 (Non Contact Voltage Testers), distributed between January 2020 and April 2021. The potential issue is around the on/off button of the NCVT-1 which is intended to be pressed down and then released. If the button remains depressed during the power on or power off cycle, the tip of the tool remains illuminated in green, indicating the tool is 'ready to detect voltage,' when it is not.

Klein Tools place a great value on the quality of their products and wish to avoid any potential risks, therefore they have decided to recall the products that may be at risk from the market. Please note that only the product detailed in this notice is at risk, and the other Klein Non Contact Voltage Testers remain unaffected.

The defective NCVT-1 products can be identified by a date code ending in H7 as illustrated above. Products outside this date range are unaffected.

Customers that have purchased the product from 1st January 2020 to date - Kindly check if you have purchased the H7 batch, if that is the case please return the product to the store for a credit.

Thank you for your cooperation and apologies for any inconvenience caused.