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Our Team

Mark Dunning
F4P Business Manager
Mark dunning lr
Mark started working for the company in October 1994 within the Distribution Centre on Arksey Lane in Bentley as a picker and packer in the stores. In 1996 he became responsible for the Trade Counter, which back in the 1990s was an extremely busy department within the facility and in 1997 he became the Assistant Warehouse Manager. In 1998 Mark decided to join the Internal Sales team and worked for the North East Sales office looking after a number of key accounts. 2002 saw him appointed as the joint Office Manager looking after a team of 4 members of staff. In 2005 the company moved to a new 42,000 square feet warehouse and in 2009 Mark took over the full sales office, with 8 members of staff working within his team. In 2011 the company decided to merge with MCG, their Motor Control Gear division and after this amalgamation, Mark now worked as the manager with 11 members of staff. In May 2014, he officially took over as the Business Manager of F4P...First For Performance.
Gary Stewart
National Sales Manager
Gary stewart lr
Gary joined Cefco in October 2006 as a BDM, representing 4 of the companies that fall under the Cefco Group , F4P, Deluce, MCG & Levante. His areas were for all CEF branches in Scotland and also the Newcastle group. In 2009, Garys area was extended and he gained a further 2 CEF groups, now looking after all branches within Durham and Nelson groups , along with the other groups mentioned above. In May 2015, Gary was promoted to the National Sales Manager for the Cefco Group and now manages our team of professional BDMs who cover Deluce, F4P, Fusion, Levante and MCG Industrial. At this point Gary was still looking after the branches within 4 CEF groups. In May 2016 to present, Gary no longer has any CEF groups which he solely look after. Gary has now employed a new BDM to take over the groups he was looking after and this now freely allows Gary the time to concentrate on his job role as a National Sales Manager and supporting my BDM team out on the field.
Luke Bywaters
F4P Office Manager
Luke bywaters lr
Luke started his Career in 2001 as a warehouse operative at Cefco Witney, one of the Groups 5 facilities up and down the country . In 2002 Luke moved to Doncaster working as a warehouse operative at the Arksey Lane site in Bentley. During this time he worked in various positions, finally becoming the Despatch Manager in 2004. In 2005 when we moved to our new premises at Ten Pound Walk, Luke took on the new role of overseeing debits within the warehouse, but in 2006 Luke decided to move into our Internal Sales Team. Since then he has worked his way through the ranks and in May 2013, Luke became the F4P Office Manager. Since his appointment Luke has taken over a number of key accounts and regularly undertakes presentations at all levels of the business, Luke has established himself as a vital member of the F4P team and continues to drive the business forward.
Mick Sayles
Technical/Internal Sales
Mick sayles lr
Mick started his career with City Electrical Factors (CEF) in April 1982 at Doncaster Cables. In 1987 he transferred and moved across to the rapidly growing Cefco Group (A Divison of CEF). His new position at Cefco was in the export department, mainly supplying products to Ireland. He then transferred to the general warehouse at our building in Arksey Lane, Bentley. After working in stores for a number of years Mick decided on a career change to the Sales Office and in 2002 he was promoted to joint Office Manager looking after a team of 4 members of staff. Working for the company as a whole for so many years, Mick has established himself as a technical member of F4P sales team. He is now working in the 4th building of the Group and has maintained and established himself as a key member of the F4P team.
Rachel Mullan
Internal Sales
Rachel mullan lr
Rachel started her career within the Group in 1994 as an office Junior. Later that year in the month of May she was asked to move department and moved to the MCG facility on the Arksey Lane estate working in the offices there as an Internal Sales person. Rachel worked at the MCG side of the operation for a couple of years until moving back in to Cefco in 1996. After continuing to work for the Cefco Group in the offices at Arksey Lane, Bentley. Rachel then moved to our new facility on Ten pound walk site in 2005. She continues to be a valuable member of the F4P team always willing to get involved face to face with customers and utilising her many years of experience when dealing with customers enquiries.
Daniel Schuller
F4P Sales and Product Training
Daniel schuller lr
Daniel Started his career in 2005 when we were still in our old building on Arksey Lane, Bentley. He has worked throughout the stores in various positions including Despatch, Goods In and the Collects Trade Counter. Daniel then decided to pursue a different career path and moved into the Sales Office in 2012. Since moving, Daniel has proved himself as a reliable member of staff who enjoys interacting with customers and presenting. Daniel attends trade events and larger exhibition’s such as the Elex Tool Fair.
Maurice Fitzgerald
Business Development Manager
Maurice fitzgerald lr
Maurice started working in MCG the Motor Control Gear division on 5th January 1998 working in the sales office. Maurice showed an aptitude for motor control gear and quickly gained knowledge and confidence. After 1 year he was given the opportunity of looking after a number of groups in an external sales capacity . Maurice continued to take on more Groups and increase sales but also the profile of MCG in CEF. In 2001, Maurice was asked to join the team opening up the new MCG office in Edmonton, in North London as Office Manager. Following on from this, with a change in General Manager, it was decided that more focus should be put on the main distribution centre in Doncaster, which meant the closing of the external depots. It was decided that a presence was still required and so, Maurice was asked to stay and become a full time sales engineer for the south of the UK. In 2006, Maurice was asked to consider moving to Ireland in an effort to help the growing CEF network which he accepted. As well as covering the 5 Cefco companies , F4P , MCG , Levante , Deluce and Fusion in North and Southern Ireland, Maurice took on the Isle of Man Branch, Jersey and Guernsey. Maurice continues to drive business forward and has proven to be a major asset to Cefco
John Dickson
Business Development Manager
John dixon lr
John joined the Cefco Group in May 2012 as a Business Development Manager for the South West and West Midlands, covering F4P , MCG Industrial, Levante and Deluce Lighting. In 2014 to 2015 the Cefco Division changed the Business Developments Areas and John was allocated the Southern Region just promoting the Levante and MCG Industrial brands. In May 2015 the allocation of areas and brands covered changed again which saw John return to covering the South West and West Midlands promoting Deluce, F4P, Levante and MCG Industrial. John spent 7 years in the 1990’s with City Electrical Factors as a Branch Manager. John is also very technically minded as he is also a qualified Electrician which helps especially when dealing with end user enquires.
Paul Finney
Business Development Manager
Paul finney lr
Paul started working for the company in July 2005. Paul started out his career in one of In-house Division within the Cefco Group companies called MCG , Motor Control Gear. Paul started his carrier within the factory picking and packing orders within the dispatch department and distributing stock nationwide. In 2006 Paul was asked to join the MCG internal sales team and took this opportunity over seeing six CEF groups which were key accounts at the time. In 2008 Paul was approached by the company to become the first full time MCG Area Sales Manager working in the field and working face to face with CEF and their customers throughout the entire UK. After the amalgamation in 2011 when MCG joined F4P , Levante and Deluce in their the new Cefco Group distribution facility Paul still worked as an Areas Sales Manager for the MCG group. In more recent years Pauls role changed as he was asked to become a Business Development Manager for F4P , Levante and Deluce Lighting. Paul looks after 8 key accounts by driving business back through CEF dealing with many major blue chip company i. e BBC DIY SOS and ITV Productions. In return this has given Paul a great opportunity making TV appearances and meeting well known celebrity stars which is his claim to fame.
Scott Lackie
Business Development Manager
Scott lackie lr
After leaving college in 2011 with a qualification in Construction Skills, Scott began working for a local multi-trades specialist that provided services such as Plumbing, Joinery, Roofing and Drainage. During the early part of his tenure Scott worked closely with Scottish Water who were a major client at the time. His responsibilities involved co-ordinating works and providing client reports. This would include producing utility drawings for excavations, arranging water isolation periods with customers, raising and completing road opening notices to local councils and meeting KPI deadlines. At the beginning of 2014, Scott was given the opportunity to move into an entirely different section of the company and transferred to the Building and Electrical divisions, which coincided with the company being successful in tendering for projects run by Glasgow City Council. Due to the success of these departments, a new Insurance Division was formed in 2016 and Scott was promoted internally to be the lead contact for the company’s client. After several years Scott decided to embark on a new challenge within an entirely different industry and joined CEFCO in 2017 to look after the F4P, Deluce, Levante and MCG brands across the group. Scott will be covering the regions of Scotland and Northern England.
Emily Hickey
Business Development Manager
Emily hickey lr
After studying for a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing at the University of Bedfordshire, Emily moved to Crawley to be closer to her family. The move happened to coincide with a new store opening within a toy company founded by her uncle and his business partner. Emily helped to develop the Croydon store from 2012 with a team of just four people. With only three existing stores at the time of opening, Emily played a crucial role in helping to develop the business as a whole. Within two years Emily took on the role of Assistant manager and then quickly stepped up as store Manager. After seven years the business is going strong with eight branches across multiple regions. The company has held “Independent retailer of the year” two years running and a special recognition award at the Toy industry awards. Emily had sole responsibility for complete store merchandising, stock ordering, staffing and event organising along with many other duties. In December 2018 Emily helped the branch set a new company record for highest sales achieved in one day, a record which was set the previous year in the same branch. It was with a heavy heart but with much excitement that Emily decided she needed a new challenge for her career and joined Cefco group in January 2019. She now covers the South East of England looking after the F4P, Déluce, Levanté and MCG brands.